Monday Morning Blues


Let’s face it: Monday morning rolls in, and you’re dragging your body out of bed. As you hit snooze on the alarm the first time… the second time… third time – you swear you’re getting up… Fourth time, your dog rolls in annoyed at your inability to open your eyes, so he pounces on your chest and rolls next to you, only to shimmy you off the bed. Finally, you rest your legs on the floor and *cue Nicki Minaj* POUND THE ALARM. 

Making your way – not downtown – to the kitchen to begin the day, you reminisce of the dazzling weekend you just experienced. From the endless dancing at the club, to the relaxation at the pool. Remember that cute waiter? Emily “fell” into him. Hooow unfooortunate! Tyler and Mark created a dance off in the middle of the club floor; too bad they only think they’re good in their heads. The club attendee with the white Polo and denim jeans jumped into the circle only to show off his latest Step Up choreography. That is when Vanessa stood on the bar counter, which nearly got her kicked out. The bartender was so mad! The weekend was basically the best thing to happen since the weekend before. Work is fun, but you can’t dance to Justin Bieber for 2 hours straight.

How is a girl suppose to get through the week after stuffing her face with indulgences and being purely selfish for 2 days? You move to the Keurig and place a k-cup in the machine. As the sound of liquid filling in a ceramic cup begins, the smell of warm, fresh coffee travels to your nose. You breathe in – deeply – followed by the slowly shrugging movement that feels as if it loosens your stiff neck from a deep sleep. The Keurig has finished its job, and you pick up the coffee.


You move towards the deck and decide to go outside. It is only 6:13 am. The fog over the road calms you. The grass with dew is tranquil. The small chirping coming from Mama Bird is music to your ears this morning, and in that moment, you realize today won’t be blue. The sky will be the only blue in sight. That is where your bliss is: in that moment where you observe the beauty only God could create. So breathe in. Deep. Every day. Look out the window. Pause in the morning before you push your body to its limit for the day. Love yourself enough to relax in the most calming moment of the day.

Tranquility. Serene. Harmonious. Soothing. Namaste.

How I Deal with the Morning Blues:

  • Play Arrival of the Birds by The Cinematic Orchestra
  • 1 Kombucha
  • 2 pieces of toast with natural peanut butter
  • Sunlight on my skin – accompanied by fresh air
  • 5 minutes to sit in that moment and do nothing. Absolutely nothing but sit.



19 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. Doing nothing is amazingly therapeutic, but surprisingly hard! I think it’s because we always feel as though we should be “doing”. That’s a dangerous way to be.

    I particularly liked when you described going outside. I could see the fog and feel almost a coolness in the air. I breathed deeply even though I am inside of a room. For a moment, I felt like I was outside.

    I felt this post; it was enjoyable to read!

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  2. This is very descriptive and it was relaxing to read. I think we should take time each day to sit in the moment and do nothing. We as a society have become too busy. Great post!

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