Acronym Glee

So, it’s the middle of the week, and you’re caught between running out of the office hysterically laughing/screaming/crying, staying snuggled in bed all day, and continuing on with the week as usual glued to your computer while making small talk with coworkers. Luckily for you, I am feeling all three feelings at once and can only find one solution to this problem: make my own fun.

I am stuck in my desk for the majority of my work day leaving me to stare blankly into a computer screen like a brainwashed minion.


However, just like any good minion, you make the best out of every situation.







 *If you have not seen The Minion Movie, I highly recommend watching it.*

The only logical situation, for me, while sitting at my desk is to be a minion. Be the little yellow nugget that promotes happiness in every obstacle, every storm – even if it means eating 43 bananas.

*I do not recommend eating 43 bananas in one day. Doing so can lead to serious potassium poisoning.*


Back to the desk: today is clearly Wednesday, since I am getting side-tracked. While I was sitting at my desk, I began to think of ways to find my bliss. In my head, I was cursing like a sailor – frustrated with the week not being over. Soon, the cursing became text-like: WTF, GD, OMFG. Shortly following that, I created a new and fun way to angrily talk consciously while creating glee. I call it: Acronym Glee.


maxresdefault (1)




At this point, I was beginning to wonder if this anger was caused by work frustrations or hunger..


*Note that the strawberry frosted donuts with sprinkles are hands-down the absolute best donuts.*

Either way, I found myself calmed and comforted by my ability to make work more fun. So, I continued.


HS – HOLY SPADORA (What is a spadora? I am not sure. A cross between space and fedora? I am obsessed with space, so who knows.)


FO – FRIED OREOS (Man Liz, back at it again with food oriented acronyms.)


What is important to take out of this ramble?

1 – Food is really awesome. I highly recommend trying it. (More recommendations, thanks, Liz.)

2 – Live like a minion.

Every day is a new experience and sometimes fun and happiness will not come to you; you will need to chase it. Therefore, make silly jokes in your head to spark some internal satisfaction; smile at your neighbors because smiling will not only improve your happiness, but help others find their own; and make the best out of every situation. People say happiness is found, but I believe it is sought after. I am always looking for ways to improve my day, my life. I am not waiting on the sideline thinking, “Okay, I am waiting. Happiness will come to me at some point.” Instead, I am out there making my own happiness.

What if I am upset with my body?

Look yourself in the mirror and say, “I am beautiful. I love my body. I own my body. I work my body.” Followed by a nice finger snap.

What if I am just really upset about _____?

Play your favorite song and dance around your room like no one is watching. Jump on that bed and pretend your 7 again. Put on that bright lipstick while simultaneously using the stick as a microphone.

What if ____?

No more what ifs. You control your destiny. You control your happiness. You control your life.

Live like a minion.


How I Live Like a Minion:

  • 2 Dad jokes
  • 6 Acronym Glees
  • 1 Spoonful of ice cream
  • 3 Selena Gomez songs

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