How to Read Art

This post is going to be different. This post is meant to make you feel, imagine, and reflect.  Here is how to begin: take a deep breath. Look at every picture in this post. Stop and take in that picture for 10, 15, 20 seconds. Note how you feel looking at that picture.

Now, play Chandeliers by Sleeping At Last while browsing the pictures.

Listen to the music. Look at the pictures. That simple. Here we go.





































large (1)

















































giphy (1)




















large (2)









































































































































































*If the song has not ended, stay here.*



How was that? Did you feel any emotions? Did you become nostalgic; tranquil; gloomy; frustrated; delighted; emotionless? Which picture spoke the most to you? Go back and look at the pictures and find your favorite. Why is it your favorite?  What is it about that picture you like? Does it make you feel a specific emotion? A memory? Notice every aspect of the photo and apply it to yourself. How does that picture pertain to you? What does that picture reveal about yourself? Weaknesses? Strengths?

I will go first.


This is my favorite picture. The stars and night sky have always fascinated me. When I was younger, I used to want to be an astrologist but only to study the stars. My best friend and I created a star gazing club where we would go out each night to look at the stars. We kept our records in a folder. We would note each change every night had. When I got older, I would star gaze with all of my friends. We would climb buildings just to have the perfect view. The summer nights weren’t complete without looking towards Heaven. As I grew, I discovered more about astrology – the galaxy. Once I was introduced to pictures of galaxies, I immediately fell in love. Now, I gather most my inspiration from them – coloring, clothes, philosophy. I also love the dark, bare tree within the picture. The focal point is the tree; however, the true beauty comes from the sky. The simplicity of the tree draws the viewer to the true focal point. Whenever I am looking into this picture, I am overwhelmed with tranquility which is paired with nostalgia. I am calm due to the aspect of the picture; however, my emotions are drawn from memories. The picture emphasizes my strength – my friends. I gain strength through my friends who are the ones I create the happiest moments with. This picture reveals I am nocturnal with my thoughts. I come alive in the night. The best time for reflection is at nighttime when everything is silent. The shooting stars emphasize my child at heart. I wish and wish with all my might. Although my wishes may never come true, I continue to wish on that star, that 11:11, that coin toss. My imagination is ever-evolving. So, this picture brings me home to myself.


What does your picture say about you?


How I Read Art:

  • Look at the picture
  • Ask myself multiple questions
  • Reveal the truth behind my gravitation to the picture






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