Fake It Till You Make It

So it is summer time, and if you are like me, you decided to be a big girl and get a big girl job for the summer. Fortunately, that means you are making money and building your resume/experience. Unfortunately, that means you are stuck inside 8-5 pm, 5 days a week. That doesn’t leave much time to live up summer the way your other friends are. It usually means sticking to your routine of going to the gym, eating dinner, and going to bed early during the week. Thankfully, you get a two day weekend to let your inner student follow their desire to adventure and socialize. If we look at this type of summer from a near-sighted perspective, you will be working 54+ days leaving only 20 or so days to go summer crazy!

How does a student survive and thrive? Simple. Live through other people! With social media having all your closest friends, family, and random people you’ve talked to twice in life, you are bound to see someone’s vacation adventures! And if not, there is always option B.


However, if you are fortunate enough to stumble upon a friend’s vacay pictures, take full advantage of that. Yes, you can pretend you are there, or you can look at the selfless, zen side. Your friend, or random stranger from that one party that wouldn’t leave you alone, has the ability to venture off to the coast; or the mountains; or wherever. I bet they are having a blast and loving every minute. Do not be jealous. You are advancing your education, meeting wonderful people within work, and perfecting your work etiquette. Be blessed with the opportunities YOU are getting. Be delighted with the opportunities your friend is getting.

How did I think of this? My friend B is currently vacationing in Destin, Florida. He keeps sending me pictures of the water and adventures him and his family are taking. Am I jealous? Maybe a bit, but only because it is a beautiful vacation that he rightfully deserves. I do not mind getting his pictures, because he looks so happy being there. I am blissful knowing he is enjoying his days with the water nudging his toes and sun beaming down to warm his skin.


Sometimes, all it takes to be blissful is to take a step back at what is right in front of you. Instead of constantly wishing for bigger and better, realize what is right in front of you. Imagine what you have compared to someone who does not have what you have. There is always going to be someone with the nicer car, bigger muscles, fairy-tale lifestyle. The only way to avoid feeling empty is to realize the fullness you have.

Seek jubilee, not jealousy. Seek ecstatic, not envy. 

How I Fake It Till I Make It:

  • 2000 Facebook friends
  • 3 Travel Channel shows
  • 1 Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri
  • 1 Texas sun
  • 1 Kiddie pool
  • 1 Inflatable tube



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