Disclosure: This blog gets personal.

Life can become overwhelming for everyone at some point. We find comfort in our secret pleasures and safe havens. For some, there is a fight or flight mode. With too much, some decide to flight, to run away. They feel the need to get up and get out of the town, or situation, or place. They cannot hold anymore weight and decide to ditch.

Where are they running to? What are they really running away from?

In love, you are not running away from the person or even the love, but you are running away from the feelings, the commitment.


In work or school, you are not running away from education, but you are running away from the stress (people/projects), the homework.

In life, you are not running away from living happily, but you are running away from the limits that test you on whether you can be happy and who controls that happiness. Happiness is constantly tested, and the way to keep happiness is to overcome the obstacles head on. We cannot keep running from what needs to be attended to.

If we are always running, we may finish the race, but we will not get the prize; however, there is a time and place.


I am as guilty as the next to be the one who runs away. I run away from anything that seems to be too challenging with relationships. Work and school challenges give me life, but when it comes to relationships, I am darting out the door.


There is too much involved in a relationship that I have lost the energy for: time, commitment, feelings. When I am as young as I am, I have so much more to give the world right now than to be tied down to someone. I may be running away from love, but I am running towards destiny.


I am only going to be this young for this time. One chance. One time. One opportunity. One moment. To seize everything… okay now I am Eminem.

But seriously, I want to focus on myself. I do not have time to love someone else when I am so busy loving myself. Some may say it is selfish, but so what? If I am selfish for loving myself too much, I want to be selfish for the rest of my life. It is MY time to do what I want to do in order to be where I want to be. I am in control of my own destiny, and I cannot let people, who may or may not stay, affect that.

Being young, to me, means to do everything you have ever hoped to. If your goal is to be a CEO one day, try to balance that with school, clubs, activities, sorority/fraternity life, part-time job, social life, sleep, AND a significant other. Is it possible? Maybe for some, but I do not have that type of time. I will be focusing on MY future. After all, I am the only one who can choose the path to follow.

Before college, parents and friends always say, “Do not choose your school based on where your boyfriend/girlfriend is going,” which is right. If we chose to go where our significant other was to go, would we be utilizing our brains to full potential?

What if you had the ability to get into an elite school or a small town school just to be close with your significant other? What would you choose? I, personally, would choose the elite school. You cannot go back in time to realize you should have chosen YOUR school now that your “forever” is NEVER.


So I am going to keep running. Running and running and running.


Until it is time. Time for me to walk. To slow down. To find someone. To find my happily ever after.



But until then, I will run.

How I Keep Endurance to Run:

  • Lots of peanut butter
  • Pamper days
  • My personal playlist
  • A list of goals
  • Ambition

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