The Big Girl Pants

I may or may not be bragging about myself in this post. I am just #proud.

There comes a time in life where one must put her big girl pants on to deal with the real world. Yesterday was that day for me. I had to present to the executives of a company I currently have an internship with. Of course, every day of this internship, I have had to wear my big girl pants; however, yesterday, I was wearing high heels and a sleek dress – the whole nine yards.


Personally, I do not get nervous unless I am about to run a race, so yesterday, it was not the nerves that caused me to wear my big girl pants. Instead, it was the necessity to prove to the executives that my team and I were not only responsible enough to tackle real world situations with clients, but also we were poised enough to execute a phenomenal project.

As I sat in my chair watching all the executives enter into the room, I looked down at my note cards to refresh my brain on what I was going to say. I watched the president, CEO, vice president, etc. sit down and look over the agenda I had printed. I looked over at my team and smiled. We had come so far from where we were six weeks ago when we first received news about this project. I was satisfied knowing we made it, the day is here. I stood up and walked to the front of the room to begin the presentation.


After the hour long presentation had finished, I watched all the executives applaud to our hard work. Smiles from the audience confirmed that they were proud of us. Again, I looked over to my team for their confirmation that they were proud of themselves. They were smiling as well which confirmed my suspicion.


When I had finally gotten home that day, I had received news from my father that the president was very impressed with our presentation. Not only that, but some of the audience members had talked about offering me a job for the success that I had helped corral. I was astounded to hear that news! Frankly, I was ecstatic to hear the feedback. After all my hard work, it truly paid off.


I put on my big girl pants yesterday, and it proved beneficial. I was respected as an equal employee at this business. They all now understand why they see this crazy girl running around the office; why this crazy girl would stop by their department every day to talk to their intern; why this crazy girl keeps booking their favorite conference room. Now they understand why this crazy girl is not so crazy.


The bliss? Knowing I am not a crazy girl for being a pester to my team. Knowing that wearing my big girl pants every day has paid off. Knowing that my team gets the recognition they deserve. Knowing that I was able to pull off a presentation that went beyond the company’s expectations. That is my bliss.


How I Wear My Big Girl Pants:

  • 3 Pairs of green pants (my favorite)
  • 1 Pair of my favorite earrings
  • 2 Layered necklaces
  • 1 “Let It Be” journal
  • 1 Gel pen

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