Why Millennials Need Art More Than Ever – As Told By “The Office”

Note: this post is not backed up by specific research but rather personal experience and past knowledge.

In all of my posts, I make sure to add pictures. Not only does this break up the narrative that may bore some people, but also it adds imagery and attitude.


At this age in time, attention spans are smaller than ever. People are glancing at what draws their attention and not paying as much attention to the content as before. Millennials have a limited number of people who still read the newspaper on a daily occurrence, because most of their information is fed through online or broadcast. The black and white words that appear on the paper does not have the same impact. The attitude towards online journalism, I believe, is shifting as well.

If there is a long post on an online site or a daily newspaper, sometimes the words are not enough to get the eyes of a millennial. The privilege that millennials have with the access to modern technology alters the way they process information. It is all about what is the fastest way to get the information needed from an article/post/advertisement/commercial/etc.. The best way to do so is to break up words with graphics.


Like I have stated earlier, it is vital to incorporate pictures with a narrative in order to keep the millennial audience. While millennials seem to be the hardest audience to grasp for multiple businesses due to their innovative characteristics…


…it is actually quite simple to understand us. We simply want these things: new, fast, remembrance, substance, attractiveness.


New: We want current information that will enlighten us upon the world.

Fast: We want fast information in order to maintain our high speed lifestyle.

Remembrance: We want to remember what we just read in one week, two months, three years later.

Substance: We want to bulk of the information funneled into what the whole is trying to tell us – be concise.

Attractiveness: We want the appearance and verbiage to be inviting and friendly enough to encourage us to read it.

If you were to look at Cosmopolitan or BuzzFeed or any similar high impression news media, you would find that their articles include lots of pictures and colors. The reason? Keep your audience entertained. The bulk of the audience for such news outlets are millennials, which is why they incorporate the style that they have. More dated news outlets, such as city newspapers, even online newspapers, do not have as many colors or pictures. This is due to the audience being different – not millennials.

New York Times dabs in both categories in my opinion. While they are still one of the leading newspaper businesses in the U.S., they utilize their online aspect for millennials. Their articles are in depth, yet short; concise, yet informative; and appealing, yet classic. The NYT has the ability to pull the eyes from millennials all the way to baby boomers.

Check out those links for examples and entertaining articles!


Millennials need art. Without it, their is no invitation. Everyone wants to know what’s new, what’s hot, the next best thing. Well, here it is. Bring art back to millennials or else…


I rest my case.

How I Bring Art To Journalism:

  • Realize art is super broad and reaches multiple platforms
  • 3 Hours on Tumblr a day
  • 1 Hour of gif searching a day
  • 1 Creative mind

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