Kylie Jenner Takes College

Just for fun post!

Kylie Jenner, 18 years old, just graduated high school this past year, and if she was a normal teenager, she would be locked on the college that she chose delicately for the next four years of her life. Let’s imagine Kylie was a normal young adult. Where would she go? What would she study? Here is the rundown on all things Kylie Jenner and college.


Freshman, Kylie, would attend University of California – Los Angeles in the fall of 2016. Nervous, yet ecstatic, for her first day, Kylie begins to clean out her childhood room in her parents’ house. Before she can begin packing however, Kylie opens her laptop to play Kayne’s new album – The Life of Pablo. She has got to keep the family close – okay, maybe Drake would be playing as well.


Kylie begins to pack her Louis Vuitton suitcases – she may be a normal teen, but she is still rich. As she opens her closet, she witnesses the obstacle she will need to overcome. She has too many clothes. Her walk in closet will certainly not fit in a dorm. What is a girl to do? Kylie begins to take all the clothes she can and over-pack the suitcase. Kendall is sitting on the suitcase attempting to close it; however, the thin 20 year-old does not help. At this point, Kylie is packing suitcase number five, and that does not include her shoes.

As Kylie, Kris, and Caitlyn drive to UCLA, Kris begins to utter her speech she has been perfecting for a week now. “Kylie, I am just so proud of everything you have done. You work so hard, and I can not wait to see what you will do in college! This is a new journey by yourself.” At this point, Kris has to pause for a moment to hold back some tears.

“Mom, stop. You’re going to make me cry,” Kylie interjects.

“Kylie, you really need to take this pepper spray. If you don’t want to shoot a gun, you can at least take this. There are some creepy people at this school and –,” Kylie interrupts Caitlyn by taking the can of pepper spray.

The Jenner Range Rover pulls up to the front of the school where other cars are unloading their children’s luggage. Various parents are rolling around large cards full to the top with suitcases, lamps, microwaves, blankets, pillows, and more. The car pulls up to Rieber Vista, one of the bigger UCLA dorms. Kylie signed up for a random roommate, so she does not know what to expect.

Kris hired an interior dorm designer to help with Kylie’s new room. As the designer shows up, so does her band of movers. Quickly, all the articles are moved into the dorm while Kylie, Kris, and Caitlyn head to Starbucks for a break.

After two hours of mingling, the Jenner’s head to the dorm where Kylie’s new roommate is waiting for her. As Kylie opens the door, a girl turned around. “Hi! I’m Hannah!” the girl exclaimed. The Jenner family introduces themselves and shortly after, Kris and Caitlyn are saying goodbye to their little girl.

When they finally leave, Hannah and Kylie get to know each other. Turns out, both are art majors – Kylie being photography, and Hannah being fashion.

After the weekend to adjust, the girls begin their first week of classes. Kylie’s schedule consists of basic classes and a beginner’s intro to photography class. While in her college algebra class, Kylie overhears a group of girls talking about “sylly week” and the parties that are going down tonight at the frat houses. Immediately, Kylie includes herself in this conversation – who would turn down a social opportunity such as this?

Later that night, Kylie meets Hannah back in their dorm to get ready for the fraternity parties tonight. Kylie pulls out multiple outfits – a tight mid-leg dress;


bomber jacket with denim jeans and a crop top;


or maybe, a skin tight dress paired with a bomber jacket.


She didn’t even want to begin the internal battle of thigh high boots versus sneakers. One thing was for sure, she would wear her Kandy K liquid lipstick.



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