New and Next

What’s hot and what’s not? Everyone is always curious! What’s “so last season” and what is the next best trend? Here is the 411 on what I think is the new and next.

Sorry in advanced to Forever 21. All of these pictures belong to them.

Let’s start off with what is “sooooo last season.”

What’s not:

Screenshot (166)

Ruffles. Enough is enough! We get it, you’re girly and flirty. Can’t we find another way to show that?!





Screenshot (167)

Lace paired with floral print. Are you boho? Are you girly? Who knows?





Screenshot (168)

Ugh. This is my least favorite: black and red shirts. On top of this, the black is LACE. The obsession with lace everything has got to cool down. Southern charm and boho is where the lace needs to stay. As for deep reds and black pairs, STOP.






Screenshot (169)

I remember wearing this during high school about 5 years ago. Let’s all collectively agree that a drape front cardigan should stay in the year it was introduced.





Screenshot (171)

This is a tie with my least favorite style. Anything that has this pattern has got to go! This pattern was introduced like 6-8 seasons ago and has yet to go away. This pattern is like that favorite sweater that you haven’t worn in a year, but you don’t want to give it away because you may need it someday. No. Get rid of it!





Screenshot (176)

Forever 21, a model cannot even make these cargoes look good. Stop trying to make a revival. It won’t happen.





Screenshot (180)

Large, statement chokers! Just no.




Now, let’s give our hearts a break and see the beauty on the other side of the street.

What’s hot: The year of simplicity

Screenshot (170)

Deep plunges with a statement scarf! Simply jewelry pairing is highly encouraged.





Screenshot (172)

Simple white/beige tees are giving the the white undershirt tees a run for their money! This feminine approach to the white tee is hot hot hot!





Screenshot (173)

Simple, yet subtle cut-outs are chic and risque!





Screenshot (174)

Off the shoulder shirts and dress are a classic way to show some skin!





Screenshot (175)

Ripped jeans meet ripped leggings! A simple rip in a legging (intentional rip, of course); however, I do not think a rip similar to the one above looks flattering on jeans. If you have ripped jeans that are only ripped on the knees, you might as well go all the way! With leggings, it is best to keep it as simple as possible.





Anything suede! Suede it up!





Screenshot (181)

Simple, statement chokers! So flirty, so cute!





Screenshot (182)

Layered, simple necklaces, rings, and bracelets are a creative way to spice up any outfit without saying too much.

Basically, keep it simple!


Life is simple, why shouldn’t your clothes be too?

How I Dress Simply:

  • 1 Pair of suede nude sandals
  • 1 Versatile denim cardigan
  • 3 Neutral colored pants
  • Multiple simple tanks
  • 5 Simple necklaces



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