Hello fellow readers,

Monday I will be starting a diet that I like to call “The Lizitary Diet.” I read up about the 3-day military diet and realized that I did not like half the things the diet issued to eat; therefore, I created a similar diet that I will actually be able to ingest.

Here is the agenda:

Screenshot (187)

The calories are set around:

Day 1 – 710 calories

Day 2 – 590 calories

Day 3 – 490 calories

This all seems absolutely crazy. Once I did the math, I was questioning whether this will be worth it. The calories are so small; however, I track my daily intake on food and it seemed that the day 1 meal plan is basically what I eat on the daily. So, I thought I would give it a shot.

Three days won’t kill me. I will be updating daily on my progress. A couple things to note:

1 – I do not weigh myself, so unfortunately I will not be doing so for this exercise.

2 – I am not sure how fatigued I will feel, so I will limit my physical activity.

3 – If at any point I am getting too fatigued,  I will of course eat properly.

4 – I only drink water (and Kombucha in the morning); therefore, water will be my only drink paired with meals.

This is all in good fun and experiment! I was mainly driven by curiosity. I have read on other people participating in the military diet, so I figured I would give it a shot – sort of.

Here is an article to read more on the 3-day military diet.

Now, if you’d excuse me, I have a burger calling my name.



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