How to Survive Every Day Struggles – As Told by Gossip Girl

I really enjoyed writing with The Office last time, so let’s try Gossip Girl – after all, it is my favorite series ever.



Whether you’re walking into the office early, or school, or going out to eat, people are most likely talking a little too long and a little too loud. You smile at Debra and walk past the obnoxiously loud group and think..



Sometimes you imagine in your head that you go over there and tell them to be quiet, but instead, the polite little person inside you tells you to just smile. But let’s face it, sometimes you just got to go..



Now you find a boy that is super cute, and you guys begin to text, or talk, or whatever you crazy kids do these days. He seems perfect until next thing you know, he ghosts you. It’s been about two days since he’s texted you and you just feel like..



Or remember when your friends start reminiscing on times you weren’t with them, and they suddenly have all these inside jokes and memories..

giphy (1)


How about the constant struggle to be good and eat green, low sodium, low carb food or yummy, delicious, and terribly unhealthy food?



Don’t you just love driving and there is that one impatient person who decides to ride your tail until you move over? Or pass you super fast in the lane next to you? Or the car in front of you that decides to go 10 below the speed limit and all you can think is, seriously?


Sometimes we meet people throughout the day that are a little different from us. They are nice and love to voice their opinion. They also have no filter or hesitation on what comes out of their mouth. Honestly, you start to think..



It’s either lunch time or the weekend, and you have had plans set with your friend all week! Suddenly, you get a text from them saying they won’t make it out tonight. Now you’re left to sit at home and watch Netflix all by yourself again.



High school and college students get asked all the time what they plan to do for the rest of their life. Most of the time, we have no idea. There is so much time between then and the rest of their life. Then we remember all the bills, hours, and commitment needed for a college education. Basically we feel like telling them..


Oh! A new match on Tinder! You’re thinking this one is different. Next thing you know, you’re ghosted, again.



And by the end of the day, you just honestly feel like this..



A Gossip Girl post would not be complete without this..

giphy (3)tumblr_mzr4l2KvjM1slhkaxo1_500tumblr_o329u12Q5s1v783b3o1_250


Can’t wait to wake up to deal with all of this over and over again!



How I Survive Every Day:

  • 1 Kombucha
  • 1 Blog
  • 8 Songs
  • 10 Internal screams

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