Lizitary Diet

Hello all!

This will be the place to find my updates about the wonderful Lizitary diet!

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I will continue to publish on this post, so check back every day for updates!

I have already come across some obstacles I will have to conquer.

1 – I have a family dinner with friends tonight (Monday) at my friends. I cannot control what will be there, but I will try to stay within what the diet is.

2 – I have a work lunch tomorrow (Tuesday) and will not be able to control what I get again; however, I will try my best to make it work.

I am hoping to redo this diet later down the road without any obstacles. I have already agreed to do this diet this week, so I will finish it! It will not be perfect, but when round two comes along, I will follow it exactly.



This was normal. I usually eat this every day, so there was not anything bad about this. I am obsessed with peanut butter. This definitely was a plus for me! I eat peanut butter every day though, so I am curious to see how my body will react when I don’t eat any for three days!

YES, three days is way too long for me not to eat peanut butter.

Calories: 265



My salad was yummy and filled me up completely! I felt just the right amount of full. I used a Wholly Guacamole packet in the hot flavor to add some kick. I have also heard that spicier things speed up your metabolism, so I didn’t think it would hurt. It did end up hurting though. I caught a really hot part of the guac which burned my throat.


Calories: 282


4:40 pm: Slightly hungry




 So dinner with friends was hard to accommodate to the diet when they cooked for us; however, I did get a cup of veggies! I ended up eating six ounces of salmon, one cup of asparagus, and 1/4 a cup of fruit. It was so delicious too! I had to average what the calories were by just visual, so it is a rough estimate.

Calories: 330


Day 1:

It was not that bad! I enjoyed every meal and felt substantially full at each one. I did begin to lie in bed last night and crave certain foods, but that is nothing new. I do feel lighter as I am going throughout by day just by the fact that I am not overeating or eating “bad” food. I was craving popcorn all last night because I usually eat that for dinner, so I had to adjust there. One thing I am already learning is that I do not like diets that tell me exactly what to eat because I like to follow my cravings. I also like to eat what I want to eat sometimes without feeling guilty. It’s only day one though. Interested to see how the other two days are.

Calories: 878




I woke up this morning not as hungry as I thought I would be since I felt like I was starving lying in bed last night. I do not crave eggs usually, so I had to adjust to a different morning meal. I am accustomed to peanut butter every morning religiously. Eating an egg did not sound as filling or appetizing; however, I did eat it and was satisfied. I miss peanut butter already.

Calories: 130

This will be me by the end of these three days. The addiction is real.

For lunch, since I had a business lunch, I ate grilled barbecue chicken, a pickle spear, and a little over 1/2 a cup of baked beans. The food was excellent! I tried to stay with a high protein, low carb diet like the military diet. Temptation was truly testing me with the bread rolls; however, I bypassed them.

Calories: 373



It would be an understatement to say I was hungry. I did not get home until 7:30 pm and wanted to eat so bad! I ate my four slices of turkey, but I had one cup of carrots and a whole banana. I did not have broccoli like I thought I did before (someone ate it), so I had to improvise. I ate a whole banana because I can. I already am disliking this diet.

Calories: 262


Day 2:

I am beginning to get frustrated with this diet.  I really miss eating what I want, when I want. I miss real meals. One day more. Tomorrow I have to eat less calories than today and today was enough of a struggle. I was surrounded by delicious food all day and having to turn it away broke my heart. I really want peanut butter and popcorn. We will see how long I last.

Calories: 770




I am so happy today is the last day of this diet! So I may or may not have had a finger-dot worth of peanut butter. An addicts gotta do what an addicts gotta do, amirite? Anyways, I am surprisingly satisfied just eating an apple for breakfast. I thought I would be more hungry, but I am doing well.

Calories: 155



I was quite hungry y’all. This diet thing is HARD. I interchanged the carbs. Instead of toast, I made myself some popcorn. I needed something a little bit more substantial than a piece of bread. Other than that, I felt full for once during this diet. I felt like I did not need to eat anymore, which is hard to happen. I think my body is adapting to smaller meals. Good? Bad?

Calories: 182



I was barely even hungry for dinner yesterday due to drama for my mama; however, I did eat tuna and a WHOLE banana. I was satisfied and felt victory knowing I could wake up tomorrow and the diet will be over.

Calories: 140


Day 3:

Let me just say I AM SO HAPPY THIS DIET IS OVER. Today I really cut back on food. It was not as challenging to not be craving and feel starving today. The calories did not even feel that small! I am surprised. Tomorrow, I will be eating a jar of peanut butter. I miss my daily intake. I don’t think I’ve mentioned peanut butter enough? All in all, I did what I wanted to do. I will upload a learning experience post later today.


Calories: 477



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