Instagram? Snapchat?

Unless you live under a rock, Instagram has just created a new part of their app in which users can upload pictures or videos for up to 24 hours – very similar to Snapchat.

So, what is going on?  Well, Facebook has tried to compete with Snapchat for a long while now. According to Fortune:

Depending on how you count, this is the fourth or fifth such move by Facebook. The first was an app called Poke, which offered messages that disappeared automatically. It was released in 2012 and shut down in 2014. In 2013, Instagram premiered Instagram Direct, a private-messaging feature, and in 2014 Facebook debuted an app called Slingshot, which it also later mothballed.

Each of these attempts has tried to imitate one or more of Snapchat’s core features: 1) It is private, and therefore there are no public likes or favorites or comments, and 2) Its messages are “ephemeral,” which means that they automatically disappear after a specified period of time.

So that ex-boyfriend that deleted you on Snapchat but still follows you on Instagram? Yeah, he can see that story now. Get it girl!

With this new addition, passive-aggressive social media is going to skyrocket again.

This also allows those randoms who you allow to follow you on Instagram to view more personal photos. Snapchat only allows certain people to view your story; however, this new Instagram feature is allowing more than your 100-200 friends view your story. Now your over 500 followers can view it. This may cause trouble. Always be cautious when posting on social media.

Instagram has recently re-branded and now they launched a new aspect of their app? Are they trying to compete to continue to be the top photo app? It is battle of the apps.

One thing that will be interesting to see, will these Instagram stories follow the tacit rules of Snapchat?



So what do you think? Is Instagram or Snapchat better?

Click the link above to vote! ^^^^



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