What I’ve Learned From a Diet Is…

If you have not read about the Lizitary diet, click here.

I always used to say I am on a diet when friends would offer me food I did not like or unhealthy food I choose to avoid. Of course, that may be a stretch, but I am always watching my figure; however, a diet to me never really meant eating very little to the point of hunger or cleansing myself with juice. A diet to me meant to eat healthier and not over supply my stomach with unnecessary food.


I have done my fair share of research learning the tips and tricks of living a healthy life. A life that I can be happy with and not hate myself at the end of the day. With that, during my “diet,” I would have a splurge every now and then, following my cravings the best I could, and never let my stomach growl.

Splurging is good for the mind and the body. America is one of the most obese countries in the world (one of the most because we are no longer number 1 – score, America!). Along with that comes a very large selection of fast food, fried food, and unhealthy options to eat. I believe I see a donut shop at least every mile in Texas. If it is not a donut shop, it’s a bakery. If it is not a bakery, it’s a Whataburger (I LOVE YOU). It is hard to eat at one those temptresses every once in a while to chill the craving. So, my “diet” lets me eat unhealthy every so often.

If I did not follow my cravings, I would be on course to disaster and dissatisfaction. I always, always, always listen to my body when I do anything. The one thing that knows me better than my mind? My body. If I am craving a little extra peanut butter, I am going to eat it. If I am craving something salty, popcorn has got my back. If I need something sweet to curb my sweet tooth, well, I have a lot of options for that. For those that lack the self control not to indulge on a whole ice cream pint, like myself, turn to this amazing ice cream! It is made with whey protein and only 150-300 calories for the whole pint! On top of that, they are delicious! The flavor is not as strong as normal ice cream, but it is definitely my go-to fix for my sweet tooth.


Again, some are 150 calories and some are 300 calories. The difference is easily spotted with the green label versus the blue label. I try to eat the 150 calories, and so far I have loved: salted caramel, cookie shake, and cake batter.

I also never let my stomach growl. Although I may be reaching a limit of too much for the day, I always make sure I am satisfied and full. Easy snacks that are go-to’s are carrots, grapes, apples – really any fruit or vegetable.

Now, what does all of this have to do with the lizitary diet? I did not get to do any of the above. No splurges, no cravings, no complete satisfaction.


I learned that a “real” diet for trimming weight, or whatever goal it may be, sucks!

Why I HATED the diet:
  1. I was usually always hungry.
  2. I wanted peanut butter.
  3. I was eating significantly under the normal calorie intake for the day which is a mind game I had to overcome.
  4. I was not allowed to have snacks.
  5. I would have to decline invites to lunch because the restaurant would not accommodate to the diet.
  6. I could not eat more for one meal to carry me over long work days.


Why I LIKED the diet:
  1. I have a new love for food.
  2. I have a new understanding of fasting/dieting.
  3. I have a new insight to feeling when I’m full and how much food I am able to live off of.
  4. I have a new appreciation for the privileges I have with food.
  5. I saw results.


Through this diet, I may have felt skinny and trim, but I also felt jibbed. I felt jibbed from living my life to the fullest. That may sound dramatic, but food is fuel for the body. Without proper nutrition and satisfaction, it is hard to do daily tasks. I would find myself at work just thinking about how hungry I was or how I wanted to eat a certain food, but I couldn’t. I would lie in bed at night not being able to sleep, because I felt hungry. I would watch my coworkers chow down on delicious food while I basically ate snacks for meals. I felt jibbed from the experience of living.

I love food and I will always love food. I am a foodie.



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