Don’t Rain on My Parade

So it’s summer, but it is pouring down outside.  You don’t want to waste the day. When there are only 104 days of summer, you do not want to waste a moment! Here are some tips on how to spend your day to the fullest when it’s raining out:

If you’re wanting to go outside:

Pretend you’re in a Selena Gomez music video, and enjoy the rain.



Pretend you’re from Step Up, and get your squad dancing.



If it rains enough, get rowing.

Dillon Christ, Kyle Barnell


Find some nice puddles to jump in.



Or find your inner Naley and recreate their iconic love scenes.


If you want to stay dry:

Synchronized indoor skydiving.



Judgement-free karaoke.



Attending the gym for the first time this year.



A nice relaxing bath to push your worries away.



Or just head out to a bar and pretend the rain isn’t ruining your summer.



How I Enjoy Summer in the Rain:
8 hours in an office
2 hours in a gym
I’m usually never outside, so the rain doesn’t affect me



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